Saturday, July 11, 2009

Example of the Prophet Muhammad is the Number 1

Development of the world have made many changes, Pain selfish, personal interests or to the not concerned with other people is a civilization that grew at this time, in the world still have not stopped the war, there is still interest compete sheep than a body. But I always optimistic that there are still people in this world that has a conscience.

Let's look in the mirror on the journey of life of the Prophet Muhammad SAW, he was steadfast and even though he was the spirit in the face of war jahiliah and defend the truth. The period of leadership of the Prophet Muhammad is an example and that should be followed by us at the time of the living now.

Some degree that he can be the nature of Al-Amin, and Amanah Fatonah. Prophet Muhammad SAW there; ah still number one as the leader who must be followed and does not recognize the time and era. All behavior and is never dull when swallowed, remains the reference in human life wherever and whenever. Read More......

Nabi Muhammad SAW

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